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AARS Education

AARS achieves its objectives to promote and support a greater understanding and treatment of acne and rosacea through education. The AARS Education Program includes:

The exchange of information about acne and rosacea among physicians, researchers and scientists.

  • The promotion of research in acne and rosacea;
  • Mentoring new leaders in the field of acne and rosacea;
  • Providing current information on the treatment of acne and rosacea.

AARS programs include:

  • AARS Annual Meeting
  • AARS Research Grant
  • AARS Mentoring Grant
  • AARS Newsletter

Rosacea Medical Management Guidelines

The AARS presented its first poster, “Rosacea Medical Management Guidelines,” at the Fall Clinical Dermatology meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada in October 2007. The content of the poster was developed and written by the AARS and reviewed and approved by the AARS Board of Directors.